Seasoned Butter

This last weekend I had an opportunity to present my product at the International Food Blogger's Conference in New Orleans. It was so much fun! We had 1 hour to talk to almost 80 people! It was so fast paced that I barely had time to breathe, but it was an experience like no other.

When I thought about how I wanted to present Basin Blend products to these writers, I wanted something they could taste that would be easy to make and move around, something that would clearly show the taste of the seasoning, and something that would be jaw-droppingly impressive. It was an easy decision- whipped seasoned butter on crackers. 

Now you can put this butter on toast as well, or use it while you cook. I put it on crackers out of a need for simplicity for the conference, but you can save this butter for up to two weeks and use it like regular butter to infuse your food with that Louisiana flavor. 

1 cup of lightly salted butter

1 tbsp Rough Cut or Cajun Blend seasoning


It's crazy easy. Drop a softened stick of butter in a mixer (or a bowl with a fork if you're ready to use some elbow grease) add a capful of Basin Blend (about a tablespoon) and mix it up. You'll be able to watch the bits of butter smoothe out and take on the color of the seasoning. When all the butter is totally infused with Basin Blend, turn up the speed and whip it to give it a light, fluffy texture. 

And that's it. Ridiculously easy, but so impressive. Try it the next time you have friends over. They can spread it on crackers for an appetizer, or you can save the butter and use it in your cooking for up to two weeks. Enjoy!

 Basin Blend Butter

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