Control the salt with Basin Blend

If you're ready to finally take control of the salt in your diet, this is for you. It's affecting all of us. The CDC warns that 90% of Americans consume too much salt, and how can they avoid it? It's in everything!

But it doesn't have to be. 

Basin Blend seasonings are 100% salt-free. We use the larger, rough-cut herbs and spices to give you MORE FLAVOR than the powders can, so you won't need as much salt. But, if you still decide you want some you can always salt to taste. That way, YOU'RE in control. 

All it takes is a little water, oil, or the natural juices of your food while you're cooking to unlock that rough-cut flavor. 

When you're ready, click here to take control of the salt in your diet.

All the flavor of Louisiana, none of the salt. Take control of the salt in your diet without sacrificing taste. 

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