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Rough Cut Flavor

Cajun Cooking gone healthy

Louisiana knows how to eat. Food is an inseparable part of the Cajun and Creole culture, but we often consume way too much salt in the process. Basin Blend celebrates Cajun culture, while cutting out the salt. By using large, rough cut herbs and spices, we've developed a full flavor seasoning without the need for salt. You can still salt to taste if you desire. With Basin Blend you're in charge of what you eat. 

Amazing!!! If I make gumbo, stews, etouffee, or any type of gravy Basin blend always is my go to!!!


I tried the basin blend seasoning today in a homemade guacamole and it was wonderful. Just the perfect spice to ramp it up. Thanks!


This stuff is even Better than it smells!! The original Basin Blend is delicious, last night we tried the "Cajun" blend for the first time WOW I am definitely a customer for life!!!!


These spices have a wonderful flavor we use with many foods we cook, and they are salt free, msg free, and best of all a local made product. I always recommend them to all our family and friends looking for a healthier tasty alternative.


We love these blends! The rough cut is great on everything!

Sarah L.